Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Traveling can be a stressful situation on its own.  It starts from packing to long airport lines and finally long flight times, and that’s assuming there are no delays.  Planning ahead, creative packing and letting go of expectations can help you distress.

These are 5 simple tips to stay healthy while traveling

 1.  Water

Dehydration is the number one problem to fatigue, crankiness, headaches and even constipation.  Making sure to hydrate yourself at all times, especially if flying is important.  Before getting on the plane it is best to buy at least one bottle of water.

2.  Magnesium

Magnesium is a great mineral that helps with insomnia.  It can also help with muscle cramping that can happen either from long flights or from sightseeing.  It can also help you avoid becoming constipated. The best dosage is 400 mg.

3.  Antioxidants

Traveling has a way of wearing down the immune system.  Airports, rest stops and planes are loaded with germs.  Our immune system also gets compromised depending on what time of year you are traveling and climate change. It is best to travel with emergency C or NUUN. Having fruits and vegetables as much as you can is a great way to get in vitamin C and boost the immune system.

4.  Probiotic Drinks

Fermented drinks like Kombucha, Got Shot or apple cider vinegar are great to help boost the good bacteria in the gut.  Probiotics in fermented drinks work to help with tummy trouble while traveling.

5.  Tea Bags

There are teas that help with relaxation and sleep.  The tiny tea satchels are perfect for travel because they take up very little space.  They can also be used to sooth tired eyes and puffiness that can happen from long flights.

**Always remember to wash your hands as much as you can or carry with you natural hand sanitizers.  Enjoy your trip and stay healthy!**

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