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Hi, I am Sahar, Dietitian, Nutrition coach & CEO of Innerhealthwellenss.

I have been in practice for more than 20 years. I currently incorporate functional & traditional nutrition to help my clients become successful in their wellness journey. 

All of my programs are geared to help my clients get well by looking at the whole body approach and provides resources to help them feel good and keep that success going.

I have been a speaker at different universities and nutritional conferences including John Muir speaker series, NYU, Columbia, American Dietetic Association, American Homeless Association, New Jersey Nutrition Conference, addressing the importance of nutrition.

In 2000, I published a children’s book by the name of Lili’s Strawberry House.

I am a certified Kid’s Yoga instructor through Yoga Karma in NYC and love teaching yoga to kids. I’m also a mom of three and love practicing yoga with them.


Recently someone asked me what made me go into the Nutrition field and become a Dietitian. During my college years, I really did not put much thought into Nutrition, or becoming a dietician, it just seemed really cool to me.

Even in Grad school, I decided to further pursue my nutrition degree and get my license and become a Registered Dietitian. However, it was not until I had my daughter that I experienced first hand how food is truly the cure for many ailments.

My oldest daughter who is now 11 was born with many different allergies, a lot of childhood eczema and GI issues. It was then where I dived into the Nutrition field and was able to help my daughter. There is a beautiful quote that states that it is possible to cure ailments with food.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food – Hippocrates

The reason that my daughter is able to tolerate many things today is that of many years of studying Nutrition and diving into functional nutrition.

I do have to say that bone broth, juicing, L-glutamine and probiotics have been the magic cure for my daughter.

If I could do it over again, I would choose the same path it in a heartbeat. 

Sahar Berjis, RD, MPH, ARC

Nutritionist and Health Educator

Amy aiello

Hello, I’m a certified Nutrition Consultant and Health Educator in Humboldt County, Ca. I have a deep passion for assisting others in leading a balanced vitality promoting lifestyle.

Always starting with the root cause of your health issues I devise a functional plan to meet you where you are. Integrating Ayurvedic diagnostic tools and whole food nutrition I create personalized programs that support mind/body health. I believe you are not only what you eat but what you absorb. So I always focus on strengthening the digestive system and incorporating lifestyle choices that enhance the body’s ability for healthy detox.

I truly love food and find it inspiring to excite others in delicious ways to prepare and enjoy eating whole foods. Focusing on local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, my meal plans are always deeply nourishing. I believe food is medicine and can transform diseased states into thriving vitality.

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