Secrets to Enjoy Holiday Treats & Stay on Plan!

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Holidays are about enjoying time with family & friends. Unfortunately, everything revolves around food.

During this time, it’s not about avoiding or depriving yourself, but how to portion control and enjoy food in moderation.

The worst decision you can make is to go to an event hungry. When our bodies are hungry, they lose all reasoning and it is an easy way to overeat.

Here are 3 quick ways to help you portion control:

1. Protein

        • Always have a protein food before going out. It is a great way to help lower cravings & help you have a better handle on portion control.
        • Great protein choices to have would be a protein bar, rolled nitrate free deli meat, protein shake or an egg.

2. Vegetables

        • When eating out, aim to order a vegetable appetizer.
        • The goal is to have half of your plate filled with vegetables. They are a great source of fiber & nutrients, and best of all, they help to decrease craving & bring on satiety.

3. Hydration

        • It is recommended to drink a minimum of 48-64 oz of water a day. Having a full glass of water is the best way to distinguish between hunger or boredom.
        • We tend to overeat when we are bored, nervous or stressed. Our emotions have a lot to do with the food choices that we make.
        • It’s a lot easier to make better choices when are bodies are fully hydrated.
        • Being involved with different activities is also a great way to help reduce emotional eating.

4. Bring Dessert

        • It’s always nice to bring something to share. Sweets tend to be everyones downfall. The best way to enjoy them, is to bring something that will support your wellness journey.

As a Nutrition Coach & Dietitian, I find the portion control calculator on Localfoodz to be an effective tool for understanding calorie & protein.

Always be prepared.

The best way to be successful is to have your support system on hand.

To help you prepare healthy snacks, you can download Pumpkin Blast recipes here, and a Treats Recipe pack here.


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