Healthy Eating During A Long Road trip

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I recently traveled from California to Denver with my family and realized how hard it is to eat healthy during long trips.

There were few tricks that I learned early on to help me from snacking too much.

The first step to having a successful trip is to meal prep.  It’s important to carve out time to gather healthy snacks and meals to fuel before the drive.

If it’s an extra-long trip like mine, I recommend packing a small cooler to keep food fresh and cool.  Otherwise, I noticed myself snacking on empty calories and never feeling the satiety.

There are 5 things that we did to keep us on the healthy track

1.Sous Vide Egg Bites:  Egg White & Red Peppers

They are basically Egg Whites with Red Peppers.  It’s important to start the day with protein & fruit.  I drove by Starbucks, ordered the egg whites had them with blueberries that I had packed for the trip.

  1. Veggies & fruits

I packed tomatoes, cucumber and carrots in a small ziplock bag.  All that munching and crunching on raw, cut-up veggies keeps me alert when the trip starts to drag. The great thing about vegetables are that they are loaded with nutrients that give you immediate boost of energy and the fiber to help reduce unnecessary snacking.

The trick to preserving fruits longer is by keeping them unwashed. Blueberries, cuties and apples last much longer than other fruits.

  1. A Road Sandwich

For extra-long trips, I usually make a hearty sandwich for something more substantial.

A crusty baguette holds up well without getting soggy.  I packed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on the side to add to sandwich.

  1. Herbal Tea & Probiotic Drinks

It’s so easy to get dehydrated on the road and plain water can get tiresome over time, so instead I packed herbal tea with different low calorie probiotic drinks.  They are great to give you a buzz and can fill it with cold water for a lasting flavor.

5. Chips & Nuts

There are so many different types of dehydrated veggies, such as beet chips, plantain chips and kale chips.  They give you the extra crunch and flavor without the heaviness and calories that gets harder to get rid of later.

Trader Joe’s and Whole foods are great in having a variety.  I packed a small bag with different kind of goodies to munch on to keep me up and alert for the long drive.

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