5 Ways to Protect Your Immune System Against Viruses

With so many different viruses and bugs, what can I do to protect myself?  This time of the year is the time to start boosting your body’s immune system.

There are 5 things that you should do to keep your body healthy and ensure an optimal and quick recovery.

  1. Vitamin C
  • The best form of this vitamin is buffered ascorbic acid. The natural form of it gives your body all that it needs to help it fight agains bugs.
  • Berries and citrus fruit are great source of vitamin c and best to enjoy them for snack or with meals.
  1. Antioxidants
  • Amla- great antioxidant that helps protect the body against disease. It comes from the goosberry fruit.
  • Elderberry- very frequently found, great to supplement or use as tea
  • Euchinachea- Great herb that is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost immune system
  1. Hydration
  • 60% of our bodies are made up with water & important to keep it hydrated at all times
  1. Movement & Exercise
  • Exercise helps to increase oxygen flow to the body and helping our cells to combat different viruses and bugs.
  1. Zinc
  • Great mineral that helps to boost immune system and helps fight infection.

We can’t prevent what’s in our surroundings, but we can ensure to protect our bodies to help fight bugs and viruses and have a quick recovery.

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