5 Benefits for Kids to do Yoga

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Why is yoga important for kids?

With the shelter in place, kids continue to be busy with school and homework. However they are missing the time to destress through physical activity and social interactions.

Yoga is a fun activity for kids, in a non-competitive environment, in which they can learn new yoga poses and breathing techniques.

Practicing yoga is important for kids for the same reason it is important for adults. It helps to reduce stress and build strength in a noncompetitive setting.

5 Benefits for Kids to do Yoga

  1. Reduce Stress & Anxiety
    Stress is something that kids are starting to learn about and often don’t know how to handle it. There are poses in yoga that help kids relax and relieve stress and anxiety. Breathing is an important aspect in Yoga, when done properly creates inner strength and peace.  It helps to calm their bodies and teaches them tools to reduce anxiety-inducing situations.
  2. Build Strength & Flexibility
    Yoga poses require physical strength.  When practiced regularly they increase flexibility, upper body strength, core strength and mental clarity.
  3. Increase Mood
    Like any physical exercise, practicing yoga helps kids to release their negative thoughts and feelings, bringing about mental clarity. It is a fun activity in which kids can be silly, play games and learn a lot about themselves.
  4. Better Sleep
    There are two aspects of yoga that helps with better sleep. Practicing proper breathing techniques helps to calm the mind & nervous system creating a more rested body.

    The physical practice of yoga helps to relieve tension and release negative emotions held physically in the body.

  5. Cognitive Function
    Yoga helps to improve memory and cognitive function. Kids yoga requires the practice of yoga moves while at the same time paying attention to proper breathing techniques.

    When kids practice yoga, they are essentially practicing their ability to focus on the task at hand translating to better cognitive function in school.


As adults we practice yoga for reducing stress, better sleep, flexibility and unwinding. Why shouldn’t we do the same for our kids?

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