3 Daily Essentials of Healthy Living

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In a country where more than 40 % of the population has some kind of chronic illness, restoring your health is very important.

As a society we are constantly running and never taking enough time to take care of our health.  Our bodies are machines that need the proper nutrients to work properly.

3 Daily Essentials

  1. Exercise
    It’s important to take 15 minutes daily to do some kind of movement to prevent disease, improve mood,  control weight and spark energy.
  2. Diet
    When we are talking about diets, it’s not referring to omitting, but incorporation of nutrients that will restore the body and keep it in a wellness state.

    What’s the best diet to follow?  Research has shown that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet to keep the body healthy.

    It’s a diet rich in many essential nutrients that continuously keeps the body in a disease free state.

    1. Vitamins & Minerals – Eating unlimited amount of vegetables & incorporating fresh fruits over juice.
    2. Omega 3, 6 & 9 – Eating Nuts & seeds to increase intake of healthy fats & using seafood rather than red meat.
    3. Fiber – Using whole grain over processed grains and choosing foods with minimal amount of additives.
    4. Protein – Opting for lean protein with limited intake of red meat and avoiding processed meats.
    5.  Herbs – Enhancing food with natural herbs to decrease inflammation and increase antioxidants.  Using herbs in teas, sauces and soups to continuously healing body’s inflammation.
  3. Meditation Meditation can be done through Yoga or just simply taking some time out of the day to relax the body and the mind.  There are many research that supports the benefits of meditation in reducing stress and anxiety, improving emotional health and can even help with memory loss.

Healthy Living is essential in this day and age.  It is important to make sure to balance the day and provide the body the tools it needs to continuously be in a state of wellness.

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