Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are the times that you get together with your loved ones and enjoy their company while eating a lot of food that you normally don’t consume throughout the year.

There are traditional foods that are served during the holidays that are hard to replace, but an important step to remember is to eat in moderation and avoid skipping meals.



Always start your day with a high protein breakfast.  The protein will help to maintain your blood sugar and will help you from overeating.  Having eggs or a protein shake are great examples of ways to start your day with protein.

During the holiday parties, always go for the protein choices first and then with the rest of the food items.

Portion Size

Always choose the smaller salad plate instead of a tray-liked one.  Plate sizes have dramatically expanded over the years.  Think of yourself as a food critic and sample each dish rather than overloading your dish with different types of food.

Remember there is always an opportunity for you to bring food home with you so no need to eat like this is your only meal for the day.

Bring your own

It’s always a great idea to bring your own dish to share.  Try bringing a healthy dish, one that is low in fat, high in veggies and great source of protein.


Making every effort to get in more steps helps to jump start the metabolism.  Exercising before any holiday parties is a great way to start your day.  Even something as simple as parking your car further away from your destination so you have to walk a little will help get that heart rate going.

Tall and Thin

When it comes to drinks, reach for a tall, thin glass rather than a short squatty one when pouring yourself drinks.  This is especially helpful for holiday drinks like eggnog or alcohol.

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