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Sahar Berjis has been my nutritionist for over a year now. Any questions , or something I didn’t understand. Ms. Berjis always took the time to answer and explain. She has kept me on track for health and nutrition, after my surgery. Through her I have learned to eat more healthy foods that are good for me. Even though I had weight loss surgery , I couldn’t have done it without her and her advice. She is a wonderful nutritionist.

Paula Wallace April 7, 2016

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I highly recommend Sahar. After being hospitalized with Diverticulitis and struggling with my digestive system and nutritional needs, I was referred to Sahar by my primary, and most trusted physician.
Sahar’s advice changed my life within a week!  She made it very easy and clear on what foods I needed to reintroduce, week by week, in order to get control over my entire digestive system.  Now I have confidence in what I should, and need to eat, and the information to make adjustments according to what my body is needs.

Patty April 7, 2016

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I had advanced erosive rheumatoid arthritis.  I was taking prednisone.  An upper GI showed inflammation, gastritis, and leaky gut.  My CRP was an 11 and my Sed rate was 34.  I went off all sugar, processed foods, caffeine, dairy and gluten.  One year later my CRP is 1.8 and my Sed rate is 4.  I am taking no medications and my arthritis doctor said my joints are the best she has ever seen them.  A healthy diet has made a tremendous difference in my health.  It was the only thing that helped me.  Medications made me worse, a healthy diet has put me on the right track to recover my health.

Carol Keithley June 12, 2017

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I started having tummy troubles over 3 years ago. For a while I just lived with it, but then it started to get worse and worse.  It affected my every day life.  Finally, I went to the doctor about it and was told I had IBS.  But everything that is recommended for those with IBS just didn't help.  I saw 2 nutritionists before finding Sahar.  The advice I got was basically to keep cutting foods that caused me problems.  I did that but didn't get any better.  By the time I had my first appointment with Sahar I was eating 5 foods: boiled chicken, carrots, zucchini, spinach and kale.  As a functional nutritionist, Sahar first focused on healing.  She recommended supplements and teas that would help heal my gut. After some time of healing I was able to start introducing other vegetables into my diet.  Slowly but surely, I was even able to add sweet potatoes, potatoes, some cooked fruit and even gluten free grains.  I was doing much better, but still had daily pain and trouble.  Sahar recommended some testing that would hopefully help to clarify what my problem was so I could continue to heal.  We found I had a bacterial imbalance and Sahar implemented changes in supplements and probiotic foods to help me combat the issue.  Now a little over a year later, I am no longer in constant pain and am actually able to eat foods that the rest of my family will eat too!  Without Sahar and her functional nutrition approach, I would still be eating nothing but my homemade boiled veggie and chicken soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She has helped me be able to live again and I am eternally grateful!

Lisa June 12, 2017

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